I am currently working with Edvard Larsen, a postdoc at the University of Oslo, on a project that investigates our knowledge of racial discrimination based on correspondence audit studies.

Last updated March 17, 2021


Part 1: Heterogeneity in Correspondence Audits of Racial Discrimination: A Meta-Analysis

Do estimates of racial discrimination vary by the context studied? Gender? Period of recession? Researchers’ decisions about design characteristics?


Figure 1. Forest Plot of Correspondence Audits Examining Discrimination Against Blacks by Type of Study


Figure 2. Box Plot of White/Black Discrimination Ratio by Type of Correspondence Audit Study


Part 2: The Effects of Name Perception and Selection on Social Science Measurement of Racial Discrimination

Do race and class perceptions of names influence the outcomes found in correspondence audit studies. In other words, is our understanding of racial discrimination biased by the names we choose in correspondence audit studies?

See here for more on this part of the project.